Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creepy Creatures

So the new house that we're in is located just 2 houses down from the woods. Greg loves the quiet. I don't mind that, but I hate everything that comes with it! Bella has had 2 ticks already, and Greg caught one on himself before it had bit him. I actually have to check him for ticks after he cuts the grass! However, Hunter is getting to see all kinds of creatures first hand (the non-invasive kind!)

This first picture is Hunter holding a frog. He was so funny because he was a big boy and held him, but as soon as the frog made the littlest move, it scared Hunter and he threw it!

This next picture is Hunter holding a little praying mantis! I will hold a frog, but momma draws the line at praying mantises!

This one is my favorite. Sometimes when we come home, there are these lizards on the front of our house by our front door. I cannot believe the gorgeous colors they have! The tail is wrapped around Greg's hand so you can't see all of it, but the tip was a gorgeous purple color! So pretty!

This next picture is our latest discovery. Greg was mowing the lawn last night and called us outside because he found a garter snake! I actually have it on video but I've tried on 3 separate occasions to upload it on here and for some reason blogger won't cooperate. (Has anyone else been having this problem?) Anyway, here is Hunter petting it, and he did hold it for a little while too. Such a boy!

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  1. Wait until he grabs the tail of a lizard and it comes off!