Monday, August 2, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison

Whew! There's definitely lots of differences! I have a bigger belly with this one, and I'm smaller everywhere else. I can't complain about that though!

I am starting to feel great, and am getting big enough I think that people know I'm pregnant! So exciting!


  1. Okay, so at first when i saw how much bigger your belly is, I thought, "ohhhhhhh noooooo...this one is going to be bigger than Hunter." Then I saw that you're all belly, and I thought, "Hmmm...maybe it's a girl." But isn't all belly a boy and all over a girl? Which doesn't describe your pregnancy with Hunter very accurately. Sooo...I'm confused. :-/ But I think you look beautiful preggers and I can't wait to see you. :)

  2. Emma-
    You are very cute. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. I know that I carried Kennedy all over and Brooklyn just in my belly.