Tuesday, October 19, 2010

26 Weeks

I feel huge today! At least a few times a week I am retiring shirts (maternity shirts too!) that are too small. At least that means baby girl is getting bigger! She is now measured from head to toe (previously it was head to cute little rump) and she is the size of a cucumber!

Funny, twice in the last week I was told "you can't even tell you're pregnant!" I think these women need their eyes checked. Maybe it has something to do with cooler weather clothes though. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But still, I heard that from them, and then the last two times I went shopping, two different cashiers asked me something about the pregnancy! My belly button shows through my shirt now so I know that's a giveaway too!

In other news, Hunter's birthday party is Sunday and I think mom is more excited than the birthday boy! Both sets of our parents are driving down for the party and I'm so excited that they will be here to share this special day with him. His cousin Andrew is also coming. I've been prepping him for this weekend all week and we told him who will be at the party. He smiles and brings up the Cars plates, cups, and napkins. Ahhh, the priorities of a 3 year old. ;) He does seem excited for them to come though, as much as he can be since I don't think he fully understands yet.

I've been getting the house ready all week for our guests and hope I can muster up a little more energy to push through and finish the cleaning. Can't wait for Friday!

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