Sunday, October 3, 2010

Movie Night

Friday night was a fun night in the Wehrman household. We rented Toy Story (the original) and Daddy built a fort in the living room to watch it in. Hunter and daddy sported their matching Cars pajamas (hand crafted by Nana Wehrman) and we all sat together with popcorn and watched the movie. Hunter loved the movie and sat intently the whole time watching it.  After Toy Story, the plan was to have daddy and Hunter camp out under the fort. I got kicked out because I'm a girl and they had all sorts of fun playing with flashlights in the dark. When it was time to go to sleep though, Hunter didn't totally get it. Every time Greg told him it was time to sleep, he asked to go to his bed. So eventually, Greg put him in there, and he willingly went (and he probably slept better anyway!) All in all though, it was a very fun night that I hope we do again soon. :)

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