Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 Weeks and Ultrasound

WOW, I'm 75% done already! That's CRAZY!

Sleep has been better lately thanks to my HypnoBirthing book! As I said in my last post, I've been able to use the relaxation techniques in the book to make my RLS go away and get to sleep without taking medication to help me. I'm very excited about that!

Here's this week's pic:

I had a little girl at church last night come up to me and say, "You're having two babies. I can tell."

I didn't think I looked that big! ;) Children...they certainly don't hold anything back, do they?

Look at my new boots! Aren't they adorable?! (Thanks mom!) I didn't care that it was 60 degrees when I went to church...I wore them anyway! :)

I had an ultrasound this morning. If you remember, there was a slightly abnormal number during my anatomy ultrasound with something having to do with his kidneys and so my follow-up ultrasound was today. His kidneys look fine. However, the tech noted some prominence in his third and forth ventricles in his brain. No enlargement, just prominence. I'm not totally sure what this means, and the doctor told me not to worry. But he'd rather be safe than sorry and is referring me to East Carolina University to have a Stage 2 ultrasound done so a specialist can look at it. As far as what it means if there is an issue...he said it could mean 100 different things. So I really don't know. I just know that I'll schedule this next ultrasound at my appointment tomorrow and we'll go from there. My mind has 100 different thoughts running through me head about it all. The doctor told me it's probably nothing to worry about, yet I wonder how much they say just to ease our mind and make us feel better. What what I DO know is that God's got it all under control. And I'm resting in that. Prayers for our baby boy are very much appreciated though.

Here's a couple pics of our (approximate) 3lb 5oz sweet baby boy. :)

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  1. Yes Emma, God is in control no matter what the outcome! We had to go for stage 2 w/ Kristen. They saw a small spot on her brain & told us not to worry. Way easier said than done! When we got there the doctor could not find what the ultrasound tech had was completely gone! Literally, Kristen was giving us a thumbs up! I have it on video!! I'll never forget that little hand! :-) Phil. 4:6!!!