Thursday, February 9, 2012

31 Weeks

Ok, so even if no one other than my mom reads these, I'm glad I do these updates. I love being able to look back at Kylee's pregnancy and compare. Just like I am now, I was exhausted with her at this point. That makes me feel a little better. Nesting with her set in just a couple weeks from now so hopefully that happens soon! I had her room almost completely finished by 33 weeks. I'm not even close to that! I know I can't set up a room before he comes because we're not going to put the older two in the same room before we have to, but I've barely started a thing. Reading what I'd accomplished with her motivated me to try and start organizing closets though. I got some good progress done in her room yesterday and we bought a drawer organizer to help get Hunter's toys better organized. And I've officially started a "Items Needed for Baby Boy" list in my phone. 

In other news, WE HAVE A NAME!! My baby boy is no longer nameless! It feels good to be able to say that! Just last week before we were even close to having a name, we were talking about him and I almost called him by this name, like we'd already decided on it. It was the weirdest thing. Since then, I was pretty sold on it and Greg decided he was too. And it feels right for him. I'm very happy with our decision. :) Just a reminder, we're keeping it a secret until he's in our arms. I've had 2 friends just yesterday give me a hard time about it but you're not getting it out of me!! ;)


  1. Yay a name! Can't wait to find out :)

  2. Correction: No one other than your mom AND KERI!!! :) yay for picking a name!!!