Friday, February 17, 2012

32 Weeks and Ultrasound

I canNOT believe I'm 32 weeks already. I'm going to have a newborn here before we know it!

He is definitely growing, and he hurts me quite often. Kylee was never this rough, and I don't remember with Hunter since it was 5 years ago. All I know is he is a strong little boy and likes to be comfortable. He tried kicking my hip bone out of his way the other day...OUCH!

We had our ultrasound on Monday to follow-up from the last one for them to take a closer look at his ventricles in his brain. According to that doctor, he said everything looks perfect. He saw nothing to be concerned about - THANK YOU LORD! The ultrasound was actually done by a student, but there was the doctor and a very experienced tech watching from the other room. Because she was new, it took her quite a while to get some of the pictures she wanted, but I didn't mind looking at my boy for an hour. After she was finished, the doctor and seasoned tech came in and she got some more pictures. Greg was born with a cleft palate (but no cleft lip) so since they were already looking at so many details, they took a look to see if they could rule out a cleft palate. They looked at baby boy's profile, and then used a feature on the machine to watch the flow of the amniotic fluid. We saw streams going in and out of his nose as he would breathe it in and out, and then sometimes he would take it in his mouth and swallow it. With cleft palates, the two streams will swirl together after they go into his mouth, but they were independent from each other, so they said as best as they can tell, he doesn't have it. I wasn't concerned about it at all, since Hunter and Kylee never had one either but technology amazes me sometimes with what they can do and see! I loved how detailed they were though, because they made sure to see both precious hands, and both sweet little feet, and so many other body parts momma can't wait to kiss! Here's the pictures we got from it...
Here's his profile with his fist by his face:
And here is his sweet little lips and nose as if you're looking from below his chin:
His estimated weight at the ultrasound was 4 lbs 1 oz. If he gains the average .5 lb per week that they normally do in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, he should be right around his sister's size. I hope he's more like Kylee and not Hunter!

Here's this week's belly pic:

Thank you to everyone that prayed for us and our baby concerning our ultrasound. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. We love you!!!

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