Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wedding Vow Renewal

This whole month at church has been dedicated to the family. It started with the couple's retreat the first weekend in February and then we had revival which was geared towards the family as well. To end the revival, our church offered the opportunity this past Sunday night to renew wedding vows for anyone that wanted to. I'm so glad that we participated in it. After almost 6.5 years of marriage, I have such a better understanding of what those vows really mean. I loved having the opportunity to tell them to Gregory again to show him that I still mean them with my whole heart and am committed 100% to him for better or for worse. 

The picture was taken after the service. Isn't my man so handsome?! I'm so in love with him. 

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  1. LOVE! Matt and I renewed our vows very impromptu at church with Pastor Gocha during service a few years ago. It's amazing how much more THAT one moment at church, standing in our jeans with 100 other couples doing the same thing means more to me than our wedding day. I'm so happy you got to have that moment. :) Congratulations!