Friday, February 24, 2012

Kylee's Birthday Party

Kylee's birthday party was great! The theme I chose was polka dots, and it was such a fun theme to do!

For the invites, I just printed the info on card stock, and cut it to a square.Then I took polka-dotted scrap booking paper and glued it to the front. The "envelopes" were multi-colored CD jackets I picked up for super-cheap on eBay. Here is what the outside looked like:
 Here's the inside. I downloaded that polka-dotted font for free off the internet:
I made a polka-dotted birthday banner using scrapbook paper again:
 I also made little candy pouches with the scrapbook paper. I cut them into circles and glued them together using Elmer's glue, just leaving a slot open to slide the candy in. I let it dry for 24 hours before stuffing them with candy.
For decorations, we hung balloons and paper wheels from the ceiling. 
 The birthday girl LOVED the decorations. She kept looking up to the ceiling and talking about them!
 The polka-dotted cake was the most fun to do! My mom and I did fondant again, and it was so much easier than when we did it for Lightening McQueen. Some things we learned...using a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for the kneading is a life saver! Also, a full 24 hours of refrigeration makes it much easier to work with. Here is the finished product.

Kylee's cake just had buttercream frosting on it, and then I placed nonpareils all over it.

 We taped plates to curling ribbon and hung them on the wall for more decoration behind the cake table.

 Since it was a polka-dotted party, all the food was round. We had meatballs, a cheese ball with Ritz crackers, polka-dotted popcorn using this recipe, green and red grapes, cheese balls, and m&m's.
Here's a close up of the popcorn. It was SOOO good!

And here's the birthday girl! I don't have very many pictures of her though. She wasn't too cooperative for the camera.
 My mom and both of Greg's parents were able to come into town for the party, and we had lots of friends come too! I chuckled when I walked past the front door:
 As far as her cake goes, she was so exhausted at this point that she didn't eat much of it. She was actually falling asleep in the high chair!

 She did great though, and got lots of wonderful gifts. Thank you everyone who came to share this special day with our sweet baby girl!

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