Monday, April 23, 2012

Update from the Wehrman Household

The older siblings like their baby brother. Hunter will give him kisses and head rubs every so often, although he's not as interested in him as he was Kylee. I think it's because he already has another sibling who is old enough to interact and play with him so sibling #2 isn't quite as interesting. We have had some behavioral issues this week with him though. He's never been a fan of any kind of change so I wonder if it's just his way of adjusting. He really does love Gunnar though, and gives him the sweetest kisses and hugs.

Kylee is learning how to be "nice." At first, she just wanted to attack him like he was a new baby doll but we're teaching her to be nice as she rubs his head. However, her new nickname around here is the "little monster." We can't put any baby things in her reach because she'll claim them as her own. I have the Pack 'n Play permanently set up in the living room because I know that's one place I can put Gunnar where she can't get to him and snatch his pacifier or body slam him or something. But really, she's not bothered by him. I think she just enjoys all the new stuff to play with. 

 Gunnar is doing great. He is a wonderful third-born. 

He eats well; nursing is going great. He only lost 5 ounces in the hospital and had already gained 3 of it back at his first weight check two days later. He sleeps well too. Out of all three, we had the best first night home from the hospital with him. He slept most of the night. There was only about an hour of awake time. That's how the whole week has been. We haven't had one sleepless night! Lord willing, it will continue that way.
I'm doing ok. My mom left today so I've been by myself since around noon. My dumb hormones that are trying to figure themselves out caused a couple of meltdowns, but I know it'll pass. I keep thinking about how we weren't even trying for Gunnar so the Lord obviously wanted us to have him. And I know that I can lean on Him for the strength I need. I've been trying to remember that as much as possible. I know once I'm back to feeling 100% and we're in a routine, things will be much easier.
We have had so much help since Gunnar came into the world. Our friends, the Goodfellows, were a huge help while we were in the hospital. They watched Hunter and Kylee while we were there, and when we came home from the hospital, we found Gary mowing our front and backyard. This is a HUGE help to Greg, since he has to mow our half-acre lot with a push mower with a broken self-propel. They also planted flowers along our sidewalk to the front porch. A few weeks ago, I ripped up the plants that were there because they were terribly overgrown and ugly, but I never got a chance to plant anything there. I love the flowers they planted, and they even put in a tomato plant, too! I'm excited for fresh tomatoes. :) It's dark out now so I can't get a picture, but I'll post one as they get bigger and really bloom. We also had a sign on our front door, and Kayla made Gunnar a little sock baby. :) 
Thankfully, my mom was able to come into town for the week and was such a huge help while she was here. She  cooked and cleaned and took care of the little monster, and she let me take naps too! Then for this week, people from our Sunday School class are providing meals so I don't need to worry about dinners. We also had very generous friends who attend different church get together with their small group and gave us a ton of groceries, gas cards and grocery store gift cards. Since Greg works on commission, his next paycheck will be really tight because of the time he took off, but because of our wonderful friends, we'll be able to make it through the tight paycheck. God is so good!

That's it for now. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us as we learn to adjust to being a family of 5.


  1. So sweet, I love the picture of all 3 of them, Hunter looks so old, Mr. Big brother :)

  2. yes, that is a wonderful picture! We had a blast w/ the kids and just love little Gunnar! So thankful you both had a safe and healthy delivery!