Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goal Recap and April Goal

March Goals 
*Wash all newborn linens for baby boy. This includes sheets, blankets, clothes, diapers, etc. Success! Considering my due date is in 9 days, I'd be stupid to not have this done!
*Get dresser to put clothes in. Success! And if you missed my post about it, I actually got it for FREE from Freecycle! It's totally ready to go with all his clothes in it.
*Clean out our new truck. Success, although I can't take too much credit for this one! Greg did most of the work. He did all the wipe down with Armor All wipes. I did borrow a carpet cleaner from Jenny and I spot cleaned the carpets though. And I seriously LOVE our truck. Every time I drive it, I think that. The Lord is so good, and I love our new vehicle that has lots of room for lots more babies. ;)
*Memorize 2 more verses, and still remember the last 8. Success! I memorized Romans 12:14 and Ephesians 6:11 this month.
*Read Proverbs 31 every day. Every day? Not quite. But I did read it often. I really like starting my day out with it to remind me of how I should be throughout my day in order to be a Godly, productive wife.
*Nest! Success! My house is clean and I've been really anal about keeping it neat every day too so that if, when labor does come, we have to rush out of the house, I can come home to a clean, straightened house.
*Make at least 4 meals to freeze for after baby boy comes. Technically this is a fail, because I didn't do 4 meals. I did, however, do 3, so it will still be a help after he comes.

April Goal
*Have a sweet baby boy with no epidural.

That is all. I'm looking forward to blogging that it went successfully next month! :) 

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