Thursday, May 12, 2016

16 Weeks

Ok, I lied last week. I had a rough Saturday again and threw up. Maybe it's just the busy schedule we've had with soccer and stuff that I don't eat when I should because I'm busy and then I let myself get too hungry. Not sure. Hopefully this is the last throw up session though! I took my last Unisom last night so that will be the real test of if my morning sickness is gone or not.

I am officially back on the Trim Healthy Mama bandwagon this week! I have been feeling well enough to menu plan, and cook, and eat what's on the plan, which is super exciting! I really don't want to gain much weight this pregnancy since I started out higher than any of the others. As long as I'm eating foods that are nourishing my body and baby, there's no reason for me to gain the 35ish lbs. I actually haven't gain anything yet according to my scale, so so far so good.

I'm also in all maternity pants. I finally went in the attic and dug out all my wonderful, elastic wasted pants. The pony tail holder on my regular jeans just wasn't cutting it anymore!

I'm amazed at how soon aches start with each new pregnancy. My hips hurt when I'm laying down, even the hip that I'm not laying on! Crazy. Hoping my pelvic bone pains aren't too horrible closer to delivery.

Here's the latest photo:

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