Wednesday, May 25, 2016

18 Weeks and Ultrasound!!!

Well, it looks like we're evening it up with our babies and going 2-2! We have another sweet little girl on our hands!!! I am SO excited. I have been totally convinced baby was a girl. I would have been shocked if they told me boy. Greg is a bit disappointed but I know as soon as he holds his second girl, it will all be ok. :)

A few weeks ago we were discussing girl names, and he brought up a particular name - not any name we've thought about for previous pregnancies. I said it was ok, but I'd have to think about it. (The same thing I said with Kylee!) Well after they told us it was a girl yesterday, at one point in the room, we had a few minutes to ourselves. I told Greg that I hadn't been sure about that name, but now that we know she's a girl, it feels perfect! And we already have the middle name picked out too. But just as with Kylee and Gunnar, we're keeping it under wraps until she's born! If you look through the pics, she definitely looks like a Wehrman with that upper lip sticking out :) And in one photo she is giving a thumbs up. There's another one of her sweet little foot. The entire ultrasound she was spread eagle and had her legs completely up by her head! There's one photo that kind of shows her leg up by her face. I hope she doesn't stay that way because it makes me think of a breech baby in that position! Current belly pic is here too, albeit one day late because of the excitement of the ultrasound and gender reveal party we had yesterday. I completely forgot to take the photo! I will blog about the party too!

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