Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 Weeks, Doctor's, and the Dentist

Well, I am 22 weeks as of yesterday, and yesterday was quite the day. First, here's the belly pics:

So I had 3 different appointments yesterday, so I felt like that's all I did. I had an OB appointment in the morning, which was a follow-up appointment to the ultrasound. Dr said baby looks great. He did say my placenta is kinda close to my cervix, so he will just check to make sure it's moved up ok at 32 weeks. He also said that, although my weight gain as of now is healthy, he wants me to get all desserts out of the house. And between 30-40 weeks, he wants me to eat 100% healthy. He said that second babies do tend to be larger than firstborn's and he is concerned for my baby's health because of it. Between 30-40 weeks is when she will go from being 3.5 lbs to 8, 9, 10 or even 11 lbs. So he wants to make sure I'm not doing any unnecessary unhealthy eating so that she doesn't gain any unnecessary weight. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest when he told me this, but I know that's just the hormones. There are no down sides to me needing to eat healthy. It's better for me, better for her, and will make getting back down to my prepregnancy weight that much easier! So, although I am extremely upset that (of course) Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND my birthday fall in those last 10 weeks, I'm trying my absolute hardest to stick to the dr's orders and eat super healthy. I've started logging my calories today (as I do when I'm not pregnant) just so that I'm aware of how much I'm consuming. So hopefully, I can have self control and only gain the 12 more lbs he wants me to!
Next, I had a dental appt. I have been having some toothaches and wanted to get them checked out, and also was in dire need of a cleaning. Thankfully, we finally have dental insurance for the first time in almost 3 years, so I was able to take care of these things! In order to avoid waiting 6 months for an appt, I took a 1:40 and a 4:40 for the two procedures because they had just happened to have cancellations. I saw the dentist for my aches first, and am thankful I went in. Apparently my filling that I've had since I was about 6 or 7 years old was cracked and needed to be replaced. The good thing about this is that I originally had a silver filling, but got it replaced with the tooth colored one. And since this is my only filling I've ever had, it was nice to get rid of that awful silver in my mouth! Also, it came up with the dentist that Hunter is almost three so I was able to talk to him about how they get kids acclimated to going to the dentist. He suggested I bring him in for my cleaning that afternoon so he could sit in on it and see mommy getting her teeth nice and clean, and then go for a spin in the chair himself. So, that is just what we did! Daddy and Hunter sat and watched, and I had a wonderful hygienist who didn't mind one bit, and talked to Hunter about each step she was doing. Then, she let him sit in my lap and showed him the tooth polisher that they put that (awful tasting) toothpaste on, which she referred to as the "tickle brush." She spun it on his finger, and he loved it. That was going to be the end of it, but Hunter opened his mouth (without anyone suggesting it!) to have her "tickle" his teeth, like he saw her doing to mom's teeth. I was so proud of him! So she did one little tooth and he didn't mind it one bit! He did so wonderful, and I'm really glad we took him in. So, I'm going to schedule his own appointment to get his teeth polished soon, while the experience is still fresh in his mind.
As always, I was chastised for not flossing, and I swear my doctor and dentist are in together about telling me no sweets! But, I am going to try really hard to floss for the next six months and make the dentist proud. Ask me in a month how I'm doing! ;)

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