Friday, September 24, 2010

Udder Cover

Yay, my udder cover came in the mail!!! In the picture, it kind of looks like a purse, but it's just because I have it hanging. If it were laying flat, it would be a big rectangle. It's for nursing in public, and it has the strap to go around your neck, and then it has a flexible piece of plastic or something sewn in the neckline so I can adjust it to be able to see baby while nursing. I used to just use a blanket with Hunter, and couldn't see him unless I held the blanket up, and once he got older, he would just swat the blanket off! This should take care of both of those problems. :) The best part about it is that it's normally $32, but they had a code I found (at to get it free, I just had to pay shipping. So I got it for $9.95! I considered making on myself, but this one was definitely worth it for that price.  Now, if only she were here to use it!  If you're interested in one (they have many different fabrics to choose from!) head on over to


  1. Girl! I make these using vintage fabrics! I made a huge order of them for the Lactation Store at Chesapeake Regional Hospital.

  2. I got one as well for just the shipping cost. I got it after I was done trying to nurse Joseph so I haven't gotten to try it yet. Let me know how it works out since you will be using yours long before I will.