Wednesday, November 3, 2010

28 Weeks

Hello third trimester! Oh, how I have longed for you to come...but don't make yourself too comfortable.

I am SO excited that I could potentially have her in 9 weeks, and I'd be full term! However, that makes me also think of everything I have to do in 9 weeks and stresses me out a little.
Fatigue has set in again. I was talking to my friend Jenny, who is due just 2 days before me, and she mentioned that pregnancy fatigue was here again. I didn't even think that it is probably pregnancy until she mentioned it. All I knew is that I have been super tired again lately!
She is getting SO big. I mentioned this last week, I believe, that my belly will be distorted when she is awake and active. But last night, I was just relaxing on the couch and she actually made me jump and wince a couple times because she was hurting me! I don't remember Hunter hurting this early, which is a little scary. All of his 23 inches was big enough; I can't imagine a bigger baby!
I went to the endocrinologist again on Monday. Good news - she said my thyroid levels from back in Sept when I first met with her and from last week both came back normal. So she said my thyroid seems to be functioning normally, althhough she can still feel a bit of enlargement. So I have to watch for any symptoms (especially in the first year after baby is here) but if nothing happens, she said she doesn't need to see me again. Praise God!
Since I'm getting super large, my sweet husband went grocery shopping with me yesterday. I am capable of going by myself, but it definitely does help to have a handsome, strapping man to do all the heavy lifting for me. :)

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  1. I can hardly wait to see you on Friday. You have grown!!