Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Job

So let me tell you a story...

It begins on last Sunday when Greg, Hunter and I were at the mall to get Hunter's 3 year pictures (blog post of pictures coming soon...) After getting the pictures done, we decided to go into the mall and eat. After eating, we were walking past Victoria's Secret and saw they were having a panty sale! So, we went inside to get some for me. Somehow, Greg and I ended up joking about me, being 7 months pregnant, working there and if they'd ever hire me. We were laughing the whole time during this conversation because we thought it was such a ridiculous thought. Then somehow at the cash register, it came up again, and I said that we had been joking about if they'd actually ever hire a 7 month prego. The store manager happened to be standing there, and said, "Sure, why not? You can smile, and help customers. Fill out an application!" I replied that it's obvious that I like VS being that I'm 7 months pregnant! So, I left with my new VS panties and a VS application.

On the way home, Greg and I talked about if I should actually apply. My downfall (as if being pregnant isn't enough) is that I have terrible availability, and typically for holiday help, they want people with open availability. But, we decided that it wouldn't hurt to apply, and because my availability is so terrible (being only Friday nights, and all day Saturday) that God would make it clear if He wanted me to get the job. But I wasn't going to bend over backwards to try to make my availability more open to try harder to get the job.

The next day, I turned in the application to that same manager, and she scheduled an interview with me for Thursday night, even after seeing my availability. I was able to explain to her that my husband works full time, and has school at the community college in the evenings during the week, and so I'm home with our son.

Thursday came, and it was a group interview (blah!) But thankfully, there were only 4 of us and it was, again, with this same manager. (I've been in group interviews with 15+ people!) Also, thankfully, I didn't make a complete fool of myself with the interview questions (contrary to another interview I had once, when I was asked what one word I would use to describe myself and I chose "communication." Don't ask me what I meant; I don't know either. Obviously, interviews are not my forte.) Anyway, at the end of the interview, she said we would hear from her by Friday afternoon if they were interested in us. So I made the 5 minute drive home. We literally live right across the street from the mall. It's heaven! No more than 15 minutes after I got home, the manager called me and offered me the job! I seriously could not believe it. I got off the phone and Greg and I both laughed at the fact that a joke turned into a job!

I went in for orientation last night, which was a lot of boring videos, and then I'll shadow someone tomorrow. I normally wouldn't work Sunday's but because they want me to get trained by Black Friday, I told them I could come in tomorrow to train since it's less than a week until Thanksgiving.

So anyway, although I hadn't planned on even trying to get a seasonal help job, I am very excited about it. I really do love Victoria's Secret and know I can be honest in telling women they have great products. :) And for all you fellow Financial Peace University-ers, now our gazelle is running a little faster, even if just for a couple months.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Though I think you are a bit crazy! I cant imagine getting a job right now... especially at a mall during this CRAZY season of shopping!

  2. And starting on black Friday, oh my!