Monday, November 1, 2010


We had such a wonderful time trick-or-treating! I got his dragon costume at a consignment shop a few weeks ago, so when I brought it home and discovered it was a bit small, we really didn't have any options since I couldn't return it. By yesterday morning it was even smaller, but we discovered with no diaper on, we got some much needed room in the length of the torso! So, before we went out, we put big boy underwear on him and prayed he wouldn't pee. (He did great, and stayed dry the whole time! Now if only we could get him over his fear of pooping in the potty...) We'd been prepping Hunter for a couple of days about what was going to happen and were practicing saying "trick or treat" and everything.

We went to our neighbors that we're friends with first, and although he was reluctant, he finally did say "trick or treat" to them. Then, once we went up to a house of people we didn't know, he slowly walked up with a look on his face like, "you expect me to talk to these people too?!" It took a while, but he finally did start saying it at every house. And he said "thank you" after they gave him candy too. He had lots of fun, but after 45 minutes he was glad to go home and see all the goodies he got. He did very well and mom is enjoying the "when all your dinner is gone, you get to pick a piece of candy" bribe. ;)

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