Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Date Night

This past Saturday, Greg and I had our first date since becoming parents of two children. Our good friends, Ruben and Christy, were willing to brave both of them (along with their own 10-month-old) and Greg and I were able to go out to dinner for a belated Valentine's Day. While I was showering, Greg told me he was going out to buy transmission fluid and was gone before I could ask, "why now?" I thought it was odd that he HAD to run out Saturday afternoon for trans fluid being that his new transmission wasn't being delivered until Tuesday, but I didn't question it...until he was gone over 45 minutes. Advance Auto is literally right at the corner. It then occurred to me what was going on. ;)

He came home with a card and these...

I don't have much that fits me in my current state and I wanted to dress up and look nice for Greg. Earlier in the week, I scored this dress for $15 at Kohl's!

We went to a seafood restaurant recommended by a friend called "One Fish, Two Fish." (Thanks Debra!) It's right on the water which is really pretty. Unfortunately it was a cold evening though, so we didn't get to enjoy the water outdoors. Even still, we had a wonderful dinner and a wonderful date. It was great to get out, just the two of us. I love Greg so much and still love the opportunity to get alone time with him (especially with how little that happens!)

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  1. Love it!!! The dress, the flowers, the happy couple! :) I love that you two are so happy. :)


    And kudos for going on a date so soon after becoming the parents of two. Some (a lot of) couples take much longer than that... :)