Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Minute Tidy

So I read an idea in my Disney FamilyFun magazine and decided to give it a try, and so far, I love it!

Typically, clean up time at the end of the day is a fight with Hunter. We're lucky if we get it done with only a few fits thrown, but sometimes, he throws a ton. It's a dreaded time for all of us.

The article was written by a mother of three, so she has way more hands to help than I do, but I adapted it for us. I set my phone timer for two minutes (or a little more if I feel we need it,) Hunter gets to press the big green button (which is a highlight of the game for him) and we race the timer to clean the living room. He cleans up his toys and I clean up my mess from the day too. In two minutes, we have a clean room, a happy toddler, and a sane mommy - I love it!

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  1. I did something similar when my boys were little. Boys seem to love the competition of racing the clock. We would do a victory dance afterwards to celebrate "winning". LOL