Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hunter Update

Our big boy is doing wonderfully with potty training. Apparently, we just had to force him to do it! ;) We've slowly been transitioning with the training. First, he ran around half naked all day, and the potty was in the living room for easy access. Slowly but surely, we've added more clothes and moved the potty to the bathroom. Yesterday, he was fully clothed, and the potty was in the bathroom, and he made it in there to go #2 with enough time to undress and everything. Momma was so proud. He is also staying dry at nap time. Nighttime is another story, but he's getting better with it, although he still wears a diaper at night.

He is doing wonderfully with school. I can't believe how smart he is. I have posted pictures of his name that he wrote by himself. He still needs reminders of how to write the letters sometimes, but he knows how to spell it all on his own. We write is name like "Hunter" but we were out and about the other day and saw it written as "HUNTER." He didn't know what it said, but after I asked him what each letter was, he smiled and said it was his name. He can tell you what each capital letter is, and there's only about 4-5 lower case letters that we're working on recognizing every time. He gets the usual tough ones mixed up like b and d, and because I am teaching him D'Nealian (which is a loopy-ish style of writing to make the transition from printing to cursive easier) he gets i and j mixed up sometimes too. However, he's not even 3 and a half, so I'd say we're still doing really well. He knows all the basic colors and shapes. Now we're working on the weird ones like gold, silver, hexagon and octagon. He can also count to 39.

We're teaching him to pray during our bedtime prayers. We ask him if he wants to thank God for anything. His answer is always "for mommy, daddy, Hunter, Kylee, and Bella" (Bella is our dog.) Last night though, I asked him if he wanted to thank God for anything else. His list became so long that I went and got my journal that I use for Bible study so we could write down his prayer list like I told him I do. His list was (in addition to the usual): Food, specifically marshmallow sandwiches (thanks Keri!); pasta; m&m's; his toys, specifically his trucks, train track, race track and cars; and Bella's toys. It was such a sweet time as we prayed, because he started to say his thanks even without repeating me since he had made the list. I'm thankful for this so he can begin to understand that we can thank God for whatever we want and talk to Him about anything. :)

My baby boy is getting so big. We have conversations about so many things, and he really is like a sponge with information we give him! It's so fun to be the one to teach him about everything from God to nature!

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  1. What a beautiful post. He's doing GREAT with learning too. What a smart guy he is!! Good job Mom!!