Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well, we had our anatomy ultrasound yesterday and we have a healthy baby BOY on the way!!!
He was sweet and cooperative in the ultrasound. Here's a profile picture. Greg and I think it looks JUST like Hunter, with maybe a little more of daddy's chin than Hunter has.
Here he is looking at the camera...
and here's his sweet little foot...
The tech asked me if I'd had a feeling one way or the other for boy or girl. I told her in the beginning I totally thought a boy, but lately I wasn't so sure. When she said it was a boy, Greg said, "That means you get to have another one." For years he has been telling me that we're done after 2 girls, but we have yet to mean that quota!

We talked to the doctor after the ultrasound once he had reviewed all the pictures. He said something about the tubes going to the kidneys, and the normal level being 1, and mine and baby boy's is .9. He said if it's off, it can result in pressure going up into the kidneys. I didn't totally understand what he meant, but he said it's not something to be worried about because the number is barely off, but just to be sure everything is ok, they're going to do a repeat ultrasound in the beginning of February. Other than that, he said everything looks great and we have a healthy baby!

Hunter is sooo excited that he's having a baby brother. It hasn't been 24 hours and he's already talking about sharing his boy toys with him, and things he's going to do with him. I am excited to pull out all the boy clothes again. When I went through the boy stuff to get out the neutral clothes for Kylee, I had so many memories of when Hunter wore it and I'm excited to pull it all out again!

I am a little apprehensive about baby's size though. Hunter was 10 lbs 8 oz, and being that this is another boy, I'm a little scared I'll have another gigantor baby. It's that much more motivation for me make sure I'm gaining slow and steady though!

Gregory and I are so excited for a sweet baby boy to add to our family though. This is the first time we have both wanted the same gender, and I am so grateful that the Lord is giving us another boy. He has been so good to us and I feel so blessed. God is SO good!

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