Thursday, December 8, 2011

22 Weeks

I had a regular appointment today. Everything looks great. I have another appointment in 4 weeks, and then I'll be going every 2 weeks already. This pregnancy is flying by! They said at my ultrasound last week, baby boy was 12 oz. How sweet is that??? He's currently in the 22nd percentile for size. But, she said the later on in pregnancy is when babies differentiate more in size, so at my ultrasound in February, we can look at his size and get a better idea to how he compares with other babies. I'm fine if he wants to stay little while he's in there though!!

He constantly let's me know he's doing well with kicks and turns. He was a stinker for the dr though while she was trying to get his heartbeat. He kept moving and kicking her! Do we have another feisty child on the way? We already have two; isn't that enough?!

All of the sudden this week, I have been getting terrible lower back pain if I'm doing any kind of activity that could be possibly marked as lightly physical. Even doing laundry and picking up the baskets will make my back hurt for the rest of the day. They gave me some exercises I could do so hopefully that will help alleviate some of it. 

I gained 6 pounds since my last month's appointment. I was trying to stick to the "1 pound per week" rule, but that apparently didn't happen. They aren't worried about it though because even with the 6 pound gain, I'm only at 1 pound over my pre-pregnancy weight. I guess that explains why I still fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans with the button rubber banded closed!

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