Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Birthday Presents

My parents and brother were able to come in town for a few days for the holiday. I was so excited to see them and even though I wasn't expecting anything, they brought presents for my birthday! And boy, do they know how to make me happy. A couple years ago, my brother let me borrow one of his guitars so I could learn to play. It's an acoustic guitar, very basic, and doesn't plug into anything. I've been wanting to play and sing a song at church instead of using a track, but had no guitar to do so. Well because my brother is so awesome, he brought me one of his acoustic/electric guitars and GAVE it to me!!!! I'm so excited! The neck on it is thinner than the other one, so it's easier for me to play too.And look at the design on it. It's black and an emerald green color. I love it!And look what my parents got me!!!!I have wanted one of these for a long time, but especially since I discovered the Pioneer Woman and make a lot more things homemade than I used to, I've REALLY wanted one. And my kitchen is red, and I've always been afraid that we wouldn't have enough money to get me one before red stopped being trendy. I love my red so much though, that my goal is to have a Coca-Cola kitchen so my red will always fit. I am so excited to break it in!

My birthday isn't until Saturday, but my mom wanted to have the fun of breaking in the mixer with me, and my brother wanted to be able to play guitar with me while they were here, so they wanted me to open them early.

Aren't my family the best!? Turning 25 isn't so bad when it comes with super-awesome gifts like this!

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