Friday, December 30, 2011

Foot in my Mouth

So along with my birthday card from my parents with my new mixer came a printout of this text conversation...

Never in my life have I been so grieved to have been caught on record saying something!

However, they're ignoring the fact that my mom said don't take the deal!

(Anyone know how to secure cookies for mailing?) :-/


  1. My friend Ashley swears by using crisco instead of butter in chocolate chip cookies when she would send them to her Marine husband. She said that kept them more moist! Good luck with your cookie sending!

  2. You should make some oreo truffles with your mixer! It is so easy just start mixing 1 softened block of cream cheese and then start throwing oreos in 1 at a time until the whole package of oreos is mixed into the cream cheese! Roll into balls and drizzle or dip in chocolate! They are so good! And easy with a mixer!