Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handsome Man

So ever since Kylee has been born, Hunter has shown an interest in girly things. Mom and Kylee get to wear skirts, dresses, hair bows, etc.

Then one day when Hunter filled his hair with flowers and hair bows, I decided it was time to find some boy things for him, that were just that - just for boys.

Since mom and Kylee get dressed up on Sundays in skirts and dresses, I decided to start with the same thing with him. He had a couple sweater vests I put him it, but I still wanted something more.

I've been searching everywhere for neck ties for him but couldn't find anything I liked that I was willing to pay the cost for. Then I thought, "There's got to be a tutorial for making neck ties for boys at home." And of course, there was! The one I found starts with a man's tie and then you alter it. Well since I had such an amazing sense of style when I was a teen and wore my dad's ties as belts, and because I don't get rid of anything, I had a tie to start. And guess what? My dad is so awesome because he doesn't get rid of anything either, and one of his ties I had is from the 80s and is really thin. So all I had to do to make it fit Hunter was shorten it and repair the end.

So Sunday for church, he sported his first neck tie. Isn't he handsome?!I mentioned the tutorial to a friend at church who ended up giving me over a dozen ties that he doesn't wear that I'll be making into more ties for Hunter. I'm so excited!

I was at the store buying Hunter's oxford shirt and I found this for baby boy for $2.80.
My boys will be so cute together!

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