Friday, March 30, 2012

38 Week Appointment

My appointment was a bit disappointing today, only because I'm ready to hold my baby boy. 

Last week I was 2 cm dilated and baby boy was -3 station. Today I was between 2-3 cm and -2 station. So it IS progress, just not as much as I was hoping for. And the dr said the same thing. She did try to stretch me a bit and did a membrane sweep so we'll see if that does anything. Also, she said my belly is measuring small so I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday to make sure he's not turning. Eek! She said she thinks she feels a head but is still going to do the ultrasound. I'm looking forward to getting an estimation on his size Monday!

As far as the sweep goes though, I've had pain ever since she did it but I don't know that it's contractions. I'm crampy and my lower back hurts and I almost feel gas-like pains accompanied by really strong Braxton Hicks that come and go. But I don't think they're regular. But when I got home, I went for a walk with the kids, then after dinner I did 5 loads of laundry and cleaned the entire house. So if the membrane sweep is going to do anything, I know I did everything in my power to help it along. If not, he's obviously not ready to come out yet. And if that's the case, at least my house is clean!

My next appointment isn't scheduled until April 10 because of Easter. That's the day before my due date. Lord willing, I won't make it to my next appointment!

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