Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Shower and Run

So a few ladies from church and I threw a surprise baby shower for a friend of ours at church this past Sunday. "Operation Baby Shower" was a success and she was completely surprised. They got lots of good gifts, which I was glad for because this is their first one, and I know what it's like to need everything! Here is a picture of the happy couple.
I was in charge of games, and so, of course, we played Baby Bingo...because what's a baby shower without it?? Then I found another game called the Candy Bar Game. I make a 2 column list with the left side consisting of pregnancy and baby related clues, and the right side had a bunch of candy bars. Then you had to match the candy that went with the clue. Here's a couple examples:
Postpartum Tummy = Jelly Belly
Dirty Diaper = Milk Duds
Epidurals = Life Savers
Then I bought a few of the types of candy included in the list and the people with the most correct answers won the candy. It was a cute game. If you want the full list, just ask.
I went for my 9 mile run on Sunday. It was probably the worst run I have ever had, but it was definitely a learning experience because of it. I, apparently, didn't eat an adequate meal before hand, and had hunger through the whole run that just kept getting worse. I only made it 6 miles. I felt like i big loser than I didn't complete it, but I am reminding myself that not every run will be a success. I just need to concentrate on succeeding the end run.
My parents are coming in town this weekend for the holiday. I am very excited to see them, and trying to get everything ready for that! Yay!


  1. And I can't wait to get there either!

  2. Hey! That baby shower game sounds like fun! I hope that you have a great Fourth of July with your parents!