Sunday, June 21, 2009

Broadening My Horizons (Twice!)

So last night at work, we had our dishwasher walk out on us. Judging from how the first hour of my shift was going, I knew we were probably going to be slow, so I volunteered to wash dishes for the night. I figured, in addition to helping the manager and cooks out, I'd probably make more money that way anyway. So, for one night at Ruby Tuesday, I was the dishwasher. And ya know what? Despite all the cooks saying "good luck," it actually wasn't half bad! Our manager let me listen to my iPod while I worked, so I just went into my own little world, sang along with my music, and washed dishes. It was so nice to not have to appease anyone for a day. I had no one to make happy. I just did my job. It was a nice change. And I must also say that it was eye-opening as to how I should be treating the dishwasher. There are so many little things that I could do as a server that would help them out a ton, that I haven't necessarily done in the past. So I am thankful for the experience, because it was an opportunity to teach me how to be more considerate while I do my normal job.
Today was Father's Day. We had church as normal, and I wore this jean dress that was given to me that, when I pulled it out the first time, I never thought I'd fit into it. But I did fit in it and felt great (besides the fact that I couldn't breathe)! After church, we had originally talked about going to TGI Friday's and then out for ice cream afterwards. Now, to me, that would be a nice Mother's Day. But, after we got home from church, Greg decided he wanted to BBQ instead. I was a little disappointed because I selfishly had been looking forward to not having to cook, but the Lord gave me an attitude check (thank goodness!) and we had a nice barbequed lunch. Most of the rest of the day was spent relaxing. It was funny to me that that's how he wanted to spend his day, because I like to be out and about doing new things (or at least not the same ol' things,) but Gregory wanted to relax, so that's what we did. :) We did end up getting Brownie Batter Blizzards from DQ tonight though, in addition to the Chocolate Sugar Cookies I made him. YUM! So, if you ask Greg, I think it was a good day.

Since it is Sunday though, I did have to go running. Sunday's are my "Long Run" days. I had mentioned a while back that my ankle was bothering me and I was going to take it easy for a while, and I haven't mentioned anything since then. Well, I did take it easy, and haven't run more than a few miles in a couple weeks. Today though, I wanted to go for 8. The longest I'd gone in the past was 6, but I thought I'd push for 8, no matter how long it took me. Anyway, I set out at about 6:30 for my 8 mile run feeling very intimidated by the distance. The first 4 miles were tough trying to get back into running on the pavement, but from 4 on I felt great! When I'd hit that 4th mile, I actually started to pray and talk with God. It felt so wonderful to have time to myself to do that, I am disappointed I didn't think of doing it before today. I am so glad I left my iPod at home and was able to have that quiet time with Him. It was very refreshing and recharging and I think is a big reason I felt so good that second half. Another good thing to mention is that my ankle did not bother me at ALL. Praise the Lord that He healed it. I am so glad for that. On the other hand, my hip has been bothering me since I first ran 4 miles, but I'll take one healing at a time. :) Anyway, I ran my 8 miles in just under an hour and a half. It feels so awesome to think that I am more than half way done with a half marathon and over 75% done with my distance in training (I'll only go to 10 miles.) I don't think my mind can comprehend the fact that I ran that far today, because it hasn't caught up with my body's ability yet. My mind is still thinking of how far 8 miles was to me 4 months ago, yet today, it wasn't that difficult. So because I obtained it today, it's like my mind doesn't really think I actually went that far..if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I may have felt great after that long run, but now I'm exhausted and I think it's time for bed... :)


  1. You be one hot momma in that outfit!

  2. cute outfit!!! And WTG on the 8 miles!! I don't even drive 8 miles most days. HA! RUN!!

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