Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Unusual

So our Pastor has been preaching a series called "The Unusual." The series is about us stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something unusual for the Lord. He asked us to email him these unusual moments.
Well, I had mine tonight, and I wanted to share it with y'all too. :)
Here is the email...

It happened. My “unusual moment” happened. And it wasn’t in my timing as I wanted it to be. It was in God’s. Let me elaborate on the timing of it all…
I worked tonight, as I do every Monday. But because of someone requesting off, I was scheduled to close. I also had someone else closing with me, (we’ll call him “John”) who, despite all efforts to find someone to close for him, was stuck with me until 11pm. Now looking back, I see that God worked it out for the two of us to both close on the same night.

The beginning of the night was a normal Monday at work, until John asked me my opinion on Psychics. I could never have imagined the conversation that would spark off of that one question. For the next few hours, John and I talked about everything from the Bible, to institutionalize churches, to the virgin birth. He had so many questions that he wanted my opinion on. I think that my unwavering mind-set that everything in the Bible is true intrigued him, so he wanted to know more about what I thought of different things concerning Christianity. He was so inquisitive, and stumped me a few times with his questions. But it was amazing that distractions of work would come at the perfect time, such as the phone ringing, that would buy me time to think over my answers and try to decipher the right way of wording things. I felt the Lord giving me the words to say, even though now I can’t even recall what they were exactly.

We talked about so many subjects – too many to fit in one email. But I honestly believe that God made sure that both of us worked together tonight, and I trust that the Lord worked through me to tell my friend what he needed to hear. John’s not ready to accept Jesus’ gift yet. But I pray that I planted a seed and that he will continue to explore it all and try to find answers, because I know when he is sincere in doing so, God will honor that and meet him at the perfect time and the perfect place.

Now I know this “assignment” was to write to you about something unusual. I have, in the past, had conversations with friends concerning Christianity. But none of them were to this extent. When the conversation started about Psychics, and I brought up the Bible, I was initially worried about where the conversation might go and the criticism I would receive for how I answered the question. But I believe that the recent deepening of my faith I’ve had allowed me to stand up for what I know to be true, and to answer questions about it. I found myself recalling things you’ve said recently that I hadn’t even realized I remembered. Had I not been growing deeper in God, I may not have been as available and knowledgeable for the Spirit to speak to John with what he needed to hear.

The conversation ended with the understanding that I would bring The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobbel, for him to read. I pray that John can find answers in the book that will lead him on the path to have his own “Unusual Moments.”

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  1. your faith and unwavering trust in the Lord is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. I will pray "John" can find the answers he needs.