Thursday, June 11, 2009

This and That

So here I sit at 11:40 pm (pretty much) wide awake thanks to my accidental 2 hour nap on the couch today. (Don't worry, Hunter was napping too.)

I have gotten some adorable pictures of Hunter the last couple days. I guess maybe knowing I have a blog to put them on motivates me to take more. Whatever the reason, I'm sure the grandparents don't mind. I don't remember if I mentioned before, but his new word is NO. It's so cute when he's saying it and not fighting me for something, yet so irritating when he is. But, his little voice is so sweet saying it. Our conversations all day went like this, "No," "Yes," "No," "Yes," "No," "Yes," "No." Over and over and over again. He likes that he has a new word.

He also loves to talk on the phone, even if what he's talking on isn't actually a telephone. Here, he's using his monitor, and it makes it look like he's on one of the old cord phones that you had to hold if you wanted to go somewhere while talking.

Tonight, I started to sing finger plays with him. He really liked The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the child is so smart, I'm sure he'll be singing along in no time.

On a not-so-good note, I messed up my ankle this weekend, and then ran 5 miles on it yesterday. I thought I'd be ok, but apparently not. I think it's just something with my tendon, so I'm going to take it really easy this week, but I just really hope it heals. I bought an ace bandage today that I'm going to keep on it too. I don't care what is wrong with me come race day, I AM RUNNING THAT RACE IF IT KILLS ME. So really, it would be in my ankle's best interest to heal.

In other news, I know I already posted a pic of our new house in AZ, but we OFFICIALLY got accepted today to rent it. I am so excited I've already started packing and we still have 8 weeks to go! I just can't wait. I love my friends and church family here, but just as God did the necessary preparing of my heart when we left NC, He's doing so again. And I don't know that I even realized that until now. Of course there are people I am going to miss. There are people I still miss from NC. But God has other things for us elsewhere, and I'm excited to start the next chapter in our life. (Sorry to be so cliché!) And He knows, because I get so attached to friends, He has to prepare my heart so I'll be ok with leaving. And He is. I am very excited for the opportunity to live in AZ, even if only for a short while. I am blessed with the opportunity to live all over the US. I love living in different places, because when Greg and I finally settle down in the South, we know that's the best place for us, because we've lived in so many others!

Well, I am off to try to figure out how to import video on this thing. I took some adorable footage of Hunter performing most of his tricks tonight. I'll also leave you with a few more photos...
He's my stud muffin.

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  1. Well it's a good thing YOU know your ABC's!