Wednesday, January 5, 2011

37 Weeks

As of yesterday, I am officially full term! And I had my 37 week appointment today so I waited until after that to blog.
My doctor examined me and informed me that I am 2-3 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced! When he told me the news I exclaimed, "Oh, praise God!" I can't tell you how afraid I was that I wasn't dilated at all. I never dilated with Hunter until they finally induced at 41 weeks and I was so afraid of reliving that nightmare. But, my body seems to be doing a good job of working towards getting baby out this time around!

He also said that my weight gain is perfect at 27 lbs, and my belly measured 36 centimeters (normal is 1 centimeter per how many weeks pregnant) so I'm actually slightly under with the size. But he said because of Hunter's size (10lbs 8 oz) at birth, he doesn't want to let me go to 41 weeks, but he can't induce me before 39 weeks unless absolutely medically necessary. So, that means at my appointment next Wednesday, we will be scheduling my induction for the following week and Greg and I will have our baby girl in no more than two weeks! YAY! I can't tell you how excited I am! The house is totally ready to go, and I am ready to meet her!

I would LOVE if I went naturally before then, but only time will tell. I've been crampy all afternoon though, so we'll see! :)

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