Monday, January 10, 2011

Virginia Beach Auto Show

Sunday after church, my boys and I decided to go to the Auto Show. Right before we were getting ready to leave, I posted on facebook that we were doing so (because that's what I do) and a friend said she had extra tickets, so we didn't even have to pay to go either! (Thanks, Debra!)
Now, growing up in Detroit with the most important Auto Show in the world makes this one look pretty measly, I'm sure. However, I have never been to Detroit's, so that wasn't a problem! ;)Greg said it was MUCH smaller (obviously) but we agreed it was perfect for the three-year-old.
Hunter had a BLAST. I swear this child inherited a love for cars and trucks from his father. I looked at my dream car, a Buick Enclave (pictured left,) and the boys went off and looked at all the fast cars and big trucks. :) Hunter loved sitting in the driver's seat pretending he was driving all the vehicles. Here's a couple pictures showing the fun he had...

Here he is "driving" the Camaro. I cannot tell you how much this child loves Camaros. He has multiple Matchbox cars and can spot one out and about from a mile away. It's insane!
In the bed of a Silverado...
I had Greg take a picture of me sitting in the Traverse, which is Chevy's version of the Enclave. This is probably the closest I'll come to one of these for a very long time, so I at least needed a pciture!
They even had Harley's there. Greg wanted a picture of me on one since it's probably the closest he'll ever come to me riding one. He's probably right.
Greg even posed for a picture too...but only because he's on a Harley.

Hunter even got to "drive" a Porsche!

And my favorite photo of the day...however, I'm sure all too soon I'll be taking this same photo with him on his 16th birthday.

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