Friday, January 27, 2012

Field Trip to the Post Office

We're part of a homeschool group that does pretty frequent field trips and this past Tuesday, Hunter, Kylee, and I got to go on our very first one!

We went to the local post office. I'd never been in the back of a post office before so I think it was more exciting for me than it was for Hunter.

For a 4-year-old, I think he did quite well. He wanted to see everything our guide was talking about.

The thing he wanted to see most of all was the other side of the slot when we drop mail off.

Here he is in front of it, although I couldn't get him to stand still!

 Here is the inside of the PO boxes...
And what I found most interesting of all were the little cubbies for each of the mail carriers. They stand here and sort their mail for each address they deliver to, then put it in bins, load up, and deliver it! It's crazy to me to think there's a slot for every address in New Bern. I guess it makes sense...I'd just never given it any thought.
We were encouraged to bring a letter to mail to someone so the kids could see what happens to it. Hunter decided to mail a letter to daddy. He colored a picture for him and wrote his name on the envelope. Our guide even let him stamp the envelope himself!
After about 45 minutes he started asking to go home, so I'll have to remember for other field trips that that's about the length of his attention span! He did have fun though. I'm excited for the next 4-year-old appropriate field trip!

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