Friday, January 20, 2012

Kylee's First Birthday

Has it really been a year already?! I can't believe how fast it went.

Our sweet Kylee is such a joy. She has such a fun personality and loves to dance to anything, including the agitator on the washing machine. If it has a rhythm, that girl starts bouncing! She's as sassy as all get out and knows what she wants. She's tested us a few times too with sassiness.

She is pulling up on everything and walking along things and while holding our hands, but no standing alone or steps yet. She's certainly a fast crawler though!

She knows exactly who "dada" is and is starting to learn that I'm "mama." She says "UH!" for "uh oh" and has her own alien language that she talks in all the time.

She loves any toy with a face, but has a special place for her snuggle bear. We give it to her at bedtime and she grabs it, smiles and gives it a big hug.

She adores her big brother and loves being in his room with him playing with his toys.

 For her birthday, we did a special cupcake with just us after dinner. We sang to her, and Hunter helped her blow out her candle. When we gave her the cupcake, that girl did NOT mess around. She touched it for just a second...
 picked it up...
 and went to town!

I think she liked it!

We are so thankful for our sweet girl and couldn't imagine life without her! We love you, Kylee Ann!

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