Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RAOK #10-25

While I may not have kept up with blogging my Random Acts of Kindness throughout the month, I did keep up with doing all of them! Here's the recap:

RAOK #10
I was parked in the very back of Harris Teeter and as i unloaded my cart, I noticed two more that were sitting on a grassy area, so I grabbed them and took all three back to the inside of the store. Not that this is why I'm doing it, but I got a "thank you" from the cart attendant!

RAOK #11
I was at Target and I noticed a "buy 2, get 1 free" coupon for bags of Hershey kisses. Since a hungry pregnant woman at the store is never a good combo, it caused me to go back to the Hershey end-cap I saw. As I walked up, I saw an older gentleman put 2 bags of kisses in his cart, so I have the coupon to him.

RAOK #12
I shipped some packages for a friend that didn't have time to before leaving for vacation.

RAOK #13
We were having a Christmas party at church and a tree needed to be decorated for it. It was a pre-lit tree...but none of the lights worked! I spent a couple hours taking off all the lights on the tree. What a pain! Pre-lit trees are definitely not meant to have the lights taken of of them!

RAOK #14
I went back the next day and decorated the tree for the party.

RAOK #15
I made homemade cinnamon rolls for the church staff.

RAOK #16-18
I made a variety of Christmas cookies for 2 of the pastoral staff and families (the 3rd was out of town) and for friends of ours who live down our street.

RAOK #19
I have a local friend who was asking me about training for a half marathon. I mentioned a book a friend gave me when I trained for mine that really helped, and when I remembered my RAOK's, I thought to let her borrow it since it was such a help to me.

RAOK #20
I got up early and took the dog to the groomers for Gregory. Normally he would get up a bit before work and take her, but I surprised him and saved him the trip.

RAOK #21
After dinner the other night, my mom told me she would wash the dishes in a few minutes, but she just wanted to sit down for a bit first. I washed them for her so she could relax.

RAOK #22
My brother bought Hunter a remote controlled car that needed a 9-volt battery. When we went to the store to get it, I bought it instead of my brother.

RAOK #23
While at Walmart, I noticed someone had stuck meat that they decided not to buy on a shelf, so I put it back in the refrigerator section so it didn't go bad.

RAOK #24
I disposed of a stepped-on Pop Tart at church before it got permanently ground into the carpet.

RAOK #25
I gave my fellow cloth-diapering friend some of my cloth wipes. I told her I'd been given some and she wanted me to let her know if I liked them because she was considering getting some. Since I love them, I gave her some of mine.

Now that it's all said and done, I'm really glad I chose to do it throughout the month instead of trying to cram it all in a day. Not only did it give me the opportunity for spontaneity and to bless someone I saw could use it, but it also got me in a totally different mindset than I was before the project. Every time I went out, I was looking for ways to help people. It got me really trying to find ways to bless people without expecting anything in return. I want to have that mindset all the time. I'm praying I don't lose it, and I can continue finding RAOK's to do, simply because that's how we, as Christians, are supposed to be.

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