Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on Hunter

I haven't really updated with where Hunter is lately so I thought I'd do that now...

He has a super-silly personality and is always making us laugh with things that he says and silly faces he makes. 
He loves our church here in North Carolina. He is excited every time we go and he really enjoys going to AWANA!
 In school, he's doing excellent in math. I think it will definitely be one of his best subjects, just like Greg and me. Every day when it's time for school, he is excited to do it and even asks to do it some days before momma is ready! He can write his name and stay in the lines doing so, and we're working our way through writing the alphabet and learning each letter's sound. Just recently, he will pick out the beginning sound of a word that he knows which letter it is, or will ask if he doesn't. He is definitely ready to begin learning to read soon!

Just like his sister, he adores his sibling. He doesn't like when she is upset, and gives her hugs and kisses all the time. He is also extremely excited for a baby brother!

His favorite thing to do is play with cars and trucks, as it has been for years. His favorite playmate is daddy.

If you ask him, his best friend is David and loves any chance to play with him.

He loves playing games, and loves our new Thursday night tradition of Family Night where we play board games as a family.

He is such a joy and he's my handsome man. We love him to pieces and love watching him grow, which is happening faster than mom likes!