Thursday, March 15, 2012

36 Weeks

Things are definitely getting more cramped in there for baby boy and my body isn't liking being pregnant. I can't believe how painful the end of this pregnancy is when I was fine (for the most part) with the other two. I have aches and pains all over. I can't even laugh or sneeze without it hurting. Gregory laughs at me. I feel like an old woman.

I had my weekly doctor's appointment today. Weight gain is still good. Because of all the weight I lost in the beginning and had to make up, I've only gained 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. But, I've been anemic for weeks now and been trying to get away with not taking a supplement but apparently my iron is continuing to drop even with me trying to be conscious of the iron I'm consuming in what I eat. So I finally started taking my supplement today. The anemia is probably a good part of my current fatigue and I really should get my iron under control so I don't have more fatigue than what's normal after baby boy comes and I have to learn how to be a mother of three. So I'm trying to get it at a good level.

She checked me for the first time today also. She said I'm a definite centimeter but it's still long and thick and baby is still high. She said she was hoping for more. So that, needless to say, was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for more too! But the Lord already knows the exact moment our sweet baby boy will be born. There's no need to stress over it. And just as time sped up when each of my other two were born, I know it'll happen with this one. I have 4 weeks until my due date and I know before I know it, baby boy is going to be 4 weeks old! So no need to rush anything. I'm just trying to enjoy the end as much as possible.

We got a dresser for him! I had been looking on Craigslist and stuff for one to buy and then it occurred to me to ask if anyone had on from FreeCycle. Someone did and we got it last week! It needed a bit of TLC. Greg fixed one of the drawers and I painted the knobs a baby blue. It is now (almost) full with all his clothes. I'm so excited! Here's the finished product:
I think I'm nesting but it's manifesting itself in a different way than with the other two. With Hunter and Kylee's pregnancies, I was wiping down doors and scrubbing light switches with a toothbrush. With this one, I've just been extremely motivated to keep up with the daily messes...making sure everything is straight, the dishes are done, the laundry is caught up, etc. and I've been sweeping my floor multiple times a day too! I'm not sure if the crazy nesting will come, or if this is it. We'll just have to see!

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  1. I have to say you are one of the cutest pregnant people I have ever seen!!! BTW, sounds like "crazy nesting" to me considering you already have two kids. :)