Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our New Truck!

About a month ago, we sold our Pontiac. We'd been trying to sell it for over a year...pretty much since we took Financial Peace University and realized we could really use a cheaper car payment. However, when we realized that 3 car seats weren't going to fit in the back, we knew we HAD to sell it. 

We've been actively looking for a replacement since we sold it, and last week we found the winner!

Here's Hunter in front of our new Suburban! (New to us, that is. It's an '04.)
It seats 9 people so we won't be maxed out in seating once baby boy comes...and I told Greg we're good for another 4 kids even after him!
We got a great deal on it too. Our car payment has dropped over $200/month and our insurance went down too. Yes, we'll be using more gas, but at least we'll all fit in one vehicle AND we'll still make it out ahead with the money we'll save from the payment and insurance.

Greg loves that we have two Chevy trucks. Mine is bigger and prettier though. :)

Greg and I were talking about how we would differentiate between the two trucks. I thought of the awesome idea to call them the Mr. and Mrs. and we could even get matching license plates!!!

I'm still trying to get him to agree to the idea...

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  1. It's overwhelming to look at those two Chevy trucks right in front of your house! They're ideal for family use. If I have my own family someday, I’d certainly buy a truck!