Monday, July 11, 2011


I decided it was time to start Kylee on cereal. She’ll be 6 months next week, and we’ve taken a step backwards with nighttime feedings. She was being a good girl, and only waking up once around 4-5am. Recently though, she’s added another feeding about 1am, so I thought it was time to give her some cereal to help her sleep better.

We tried it when she was 4 months, but her tummy wasn’t quite ready for it.

However, she did great with the spoon last night! She opened up as soon as it came to her mouth (because she opens up when anything is near her mouth these days.) Her first bite reaction looked like this:

I tried to get away with making the cereal with water. I don’t have any stored up breast milk and she nurses enough during the day that I know she gets enough nutrients, so I thought the water would be way more convenient to use. But as you see from the reaction, she wasn’t crazy about it.

With each bite, that face slowly turned from that disgusted look, to shuddering, and then to finally gagging on it because she didn’t like it. I decided we were done then. ;)

Hopefully tonight we’ll have better luck using breast milk!

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