Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Story of my (Adult) Life: Part Two

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So, right on schedule, Greg deployed in March. I was pregnant with Hunter at the time, so I had monthly appointments to occupy me...but aside from that, I didn't have much going on.

I worked at Ruby Tuesday at the time, so I worked 40 hours waiting tables for 6 days a week, went to church on Sundays, spoke to no one while I was there, and spent the rest of my time...sleeping.

Needless to say, I was really bored and REALLY lonely.

A month after Greg deployed, I went home to Michigan for Easter.

While I was there, I realized just how lonely I was in North Carolina all by myself. I decided that I must have heard God wrong and so the next phone conversation with Greg, I asked him if I could move back to Michigan like we'd originally planned.

He said no. (Being a grown up and having to live with your decisions stinks sometimes.)

So, at the end of my vacation to Michigan, I went back to North Carolina and carried on with my routine.

Then one random Tuesday night, I waited on three ladies.

They seemed like they were such good friends and having such a good time enjoying each other's company. Then before they ate, I noticed them pray for their meal.

I'd been waiting tables for months before this and seen many people pray for their meals, yet something compelled me to ask if they went to church.

Maryn, Jenny, and Rosa told me what church they went to, and then I learned that Maryn and Jenny's husbands were deployed also.

They were my only table on this slow Tuesday night, so I ended up just sitting and talking with them for like an hour.

Maryn invited me over for a get together that Friday for lunch. I ended up spending the whole day with them that Friday. I remember my mom saying that they were either stalkers or sent from God.

I can tell you it was definitely the latter of the two.

For the rest of the deployment, we spent countless hours together and, not only did those ladies become my best friends, but that church they attended became my home, more than any church ever had.

Greg came back from Iraq at the end of September, and the church welcomed him like we'd been going there for years.

We attended as a family (along with Hunter being born in October) until January, when his enlistment was up. We were accepted into the Chicagoland Universal Technical Institute, and he had a March start date.

I was heartbroken to leave New Bern.

The church had become home for me. I had grown so much spiritually, and had wonderful friends. When we moved though, I knew God telling me to stay was so that I could at least find the church to get me through the deployment, which aided in drawing me closer to Him.

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