Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Story of my (Adult) Life: Part Four

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Here's another excerpt from a previous blog about that first visit to New Bern last year...

"We decided to drive by New Bern's Volvo dealership. When we lived there, it was a Honda Volvo dealership and it was right down the street from where we used to live. We pulled in and noticed it was only Honda now. I was a little disappointed, but I couldn't imagine that a Honda dealership sold many Volvo's anyway. As we were driving back to the preacher's house, we passed by the Lincoln Mercury dealership, and I saw that they are Lincoln Mercury Volvo!...I was at least happy to see Volvo with Lincoln Mercury, because the same people that would be shopping for them would be interested in Volvo's too. Also, Greg is certified to work on Ford's just the same as he is on Volvo's. Isn't it funny how perfect this all sounds? ;) Greg knows I would move back to New Bern in a heartbeat, because I didn't even want to move away. If the Lord's will is for us to go back, I know He will change Greg's heart to feel the same way."

This past March, we felt God prompting us to look into New Bern a little sooner than we'd originally had planned because of some changes at Greg's current job.

Our lease for our current house was set to end at the end of July, so that was our timeline for possibly moving.

We went down to New Bern for a weekend trip in the middle of May. We made it a long weekend and Greg went in to the Volvo dealership on Monday to see if they needed someone.

The Sunday morning before he went in, I woke up really early and decided to pray about the dealership visit. This prayer time was much like the one I'd had a year earlier. I just prayed that if it was God's will to bring us back there now, He would make it clear when Greg visited the next day. And if not, that would be clear too, so we could be content with Virginia Beach.

Greg had 4 dealerships (3 that were different auto makers) on his list to visit, since, at this point, we really wanted to be back there.

Since Volvo was number 1 on his list, he went there first.

He talked with the service manager, and was able to give him his resume and a letter of recommendation from his boss that had just retired a couple months earlier.

The service manager informed Greg that they normally run 3 Volvo techs and had actually just fired one and were looking for a replacement.

How's that for God speaking?

Greg left the dealership and felt like God was telling him there was no need to go to the other dealerships.

And think about it. With what we've been through, God made it pretty clear that He wanted us working for Volvo. And Volvo is the ONLY dealership in New Bern that has an MSAT program.

Anyway, we felt pretty good...well, we felt REALLY good about the dealership visit, and were sure we were getting the job, and we just had to wait for the phone call with the official job offer...

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