Monday, December 6, 2010

Nesting or Excitement?

FINALLY! My online sociology class is complete and over with, I worked my butt off last week and (started and) finished the crib set. I'm so excited to reveal the fabric I made it out of (which will be done very soon.)

So, yesterday I started washing stuff.

I did the linens first because I still have to clean out the dresser and get it ready to put clothes in it, but that's on my list for today. Once I have all the linens and clothes washed and put away, I can really put the room together without garbage bags of clothes everywhere! I am so excited.

I made Greg take us to Lowe's last night and we got both Hunter and baby girl new dresser knobs for the dressers our neighbors gave us that match their rooms. Hunter helped me put them on last night and he was actually a huge help! We also got a curtain rod so we can hang the matching curtains I made. I had to make sure we had everything so the entire room could be finished!!!

So, as long as my head and stomach cooperate today (I had a rough night last night) I'm hoping I can get a ton done and have pictures of the completed room up by tomorrow evening. YAY!

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