Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Things That Were Sterilized in My House Today

1. Baby car seat
2. Car seat base
3. Baby swing
4. Every inch of our two toilets
5. Single and double stroller
6. All sponges in my house

Things That Were Sterilized AND Scrubbed with a Scrub Brush and/or Toothbrush

1. Hunter's potty
2. Hunter's step stool
3. Scale
4. Bathroom floors
5. Bathroom baseboards
6. Tiled area by front door
7. Front door and frame

People That Think I'm Crazy

1. Greg
2. Hunter
3. My dog
4. (Insert your name here)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emma, I was saw a link to your blog from Jenny's and I thought I would check it out. Just in case you don't remember me I started going to Pleasant Acres right before you left. I think it is amazing that all of you girls are pregnant at the same time! I hope we can all get together again someday and let the little ones play.