Friday, December 10, 2010

Items Needed for New Baby

I had a friend on facebook saying she didn't know everything that she needed for a new baby, so I compiled a list for her that I posted on her wall. Then I got to thinking that it would be a good list to have handy so I don't have to think of it every time I need it for other new moms. So, I'm posting it here. Hopefully it can help other moms out there in cyberspace too!

*crib sheets (4-5)
*lap pads, sold at BRU as "lap pads" and I lay them on the bed and then baby lays on them. if they spit up, you just change the little pad instead of the whole sheet (at least 5)
*bassinet and bassinet sheet set (plus ...a few extra fitted bassinet sheets)
pacifiers (I'd say a lot, but i had about a dozen with my son and he ended up being a thumb sucker, so I have 2 packs and I'm only opening one until I find out if she likes them)
*burp cloths (about a dozen)
*changing table and pad
*clothes, obviously (sleepers, lots of onsies, etc.)
*receiving blankets (6+)
*towels and washcloths (2-3 towels, and one pack of washcloths)
*baby soap and lotion
*diaper cream
*diapers, wipes
*little nail files and nail clippers
*safety q-tips
*diaper bag (Make sure it includes a portable changing pad for when you're out!)
*diaper pail and refills (not a necessity but nice to have)
*nipple cream for nursing (I think Lansinoh cream and nursing pads are the best out of all of them out there)
*baby bath
*baby powder
*boppy, and at least 2 covers
*free and clear detergent for washing clothes in
*sterilizer (for pacifiers) (Another thing that's not a necessity. You could just boil them if you preferred, but I love my microwave sterilizer!)
*baby monitor
If Nursing:
*nursing pads
*nursing bras. (Make sure you get at least a couple with no under wire to wear at night because they're way more comfortable.)

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