Monday, December 20, 2010


Greg and I both grew up with Santa Claus, and we wanted to pass on the fun tradition to our kids. With Hunter having just turned 3, this was the first year we really got to get into it.

Part of Santa included going to the mall to see him. So, yesterday evening, 6 days before Christmas and on a weekend (because we're crazy,) we got in the car and drove across the street (literally) to the mall. We have been telling Hunter that Santa was going to bring him presents and he was excited when we asked if he wanted to go see him to tell him what he wanted. It did take some talking to get his answer passed "presents," and then from that he went to "toys." We reminded him of what kinds of toys he liked (cars, trucks, trains, etc) and he agreed with them all and was ready to tell Santa.

While waiting in the long line, it occurred to me that we should prep our very shy child that, not only would he have the chance to tell Santa what he wanted, but this would be done while sitting on his lap. He didn't take the news too well, and was very quiet just processing the information for a while after we told him. But surprisingly when we got up there, he did great! He reluctantly let Greg put him on his lap, and very intently (with his sweet raised-eye brow-and-matter-of-fact expression) told Santa that he would like trains and train tracks for Christmas. Here's a couple pictures of the fun adventure.

Even though he doesn't look too excited in the second picture, his face was beaming after we left. He definitely enjoyed it. I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning when he opens up his train and train track from Santa!

Also, Hunter informed me yesterday that Santa will be bringing these presents in his car to our house. Next year, we'll work on the whole "sleigh and reindeer" thing.

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  1. Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that Hunter believes in Santa. Joseph does too. Most of the families at our church do not believe in Santa. So I always get excited about families that still follow this tradition.