Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So we were sitting at dinner tonight and Greg was talking to Hunter about his shirt he had on. It's one of his shirts he wears to work, and it's just an old John Deere shirt with the logo on it. Greg was trying to see if Hunter would make the connection between his shirt and baby girl's crib bedding. (He did.)

It was then that I, too, made a connection. I flashed back to one of the first times I ever met Greg, almost 7 years ago. He was leaving for boot camp with my brother, and one of his brothers. We were at the recruiting office saying goodbye. One of the few things I remember about Greg from that night is his shirt he had on...a John Deere sweatshirt. Another one of the few memories I have is my reaction to that sweatshirt. I thought, "Really? John Deere?"

Go figure that I end up finding out that (very hot) redneck is the man of my dreams. And go figure I (willingly and excitedly) end up making John Deere crib set for our baby girl, regardless of what my first opinions of John Deere were. And go figure that because he's a man, I can go in his closet and pull out that exact shirt he wore when he left for boot camp because he doesn't get rid of any clothes.

What can I say? The man has rubbed off on me. But ya know what? He allows that old sweatshirt to hang on a pink hanger.

Love, it's all about give and take.

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