Monday, December 13, 2010


Guess what?!

I pulled Hunter's curtains open this morning and saw that it was snowing. I was just excited that we were going to get some more use out of our "Snowy" tab on our weatherboard for school. However, the morning continued, and so did the snow...

Next thing I knew it had actually accumulated some, so I dug through Hunter's closet to find his snow boots that had been handed down that I packed up thinking "we won't be needing these." I bundled Hunter up and we went outside to play in it! It's nothing compared to what Greg and I grew up with in Detroit but any accumulation isn't typical here so we have to play in the snow when we get the chance! It will probably be gone tomorrow.

We built a snowman while we were out there. Here's a video of Hunter helping. If I sound a little winded, that's because I was. Our neighbor saw us out there as she was getting in her car. I'm sure an almost 8 month pregnant lady trying to bend down to roll a big snowball was quite the sight. It wasn't easy. Don't judge.

We used a baby carrot for our baby snowman. "What are the eyes and mouth made out of?" you ask? Prunes. I'm pregnant and it's what I have in the house. Don't judge.

We ended our morning with hot chocolate and whipped cream over lunch. He's saying "cheese" and taking a sip simultaneously in this picture.

Then after lunch, we did this.

If this were a video, you'd hear snoring. Like father, like son.

Oh, to be a kid...

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  1. First, nice use of the word concrete! I'm such a civil engineering nerd but almost everyone says cement when in reality cement is an ingredient in concrete. Also, that snowman was pretty impressive based on the amount of snow it looks like you got. We've got quite a lot here and our puppy has realized that it's the best thing that has ever happened to him!