Sunday, December 26, 2010


The Virginia Beach Wehrmans had a wonderful Christmas together! We definitely missed spending time with family, but travelling in my current state is pretty much out of the question, and we had a very enjoyable day despite the fact that we missed you all!

We webcammed with my family Christmas Eve so they could see Hunter open his gifts. He got a toddler laptop with educational games from them that kept him occupied the whole day. He loves it! Then, that evening, our church had a Christmas Eve service we attended.

I really wanted to see Hunter's reaction to all the gifts under the tree Christmas much so that I dreamt (thank you vivid pregnancy dreams) that he opened all his gifts enough to see what was inside before waking us up. I woke up from that dream about 4am, and didn't sleep very well after that for fear that it would come true! I finally got up at 6:30 and both boys were still sound asleep, so I went in the kitchen and made some of Pioneer Woman's homemade cinnamon rolls. Before starting to tackle the dishes, I checked on Hunter to make sure he was still sleeping so I could be in the living room when he awoke to capture his reaction. He was still sound asleep so I started on the dishes. Not five minutes into washing them, the child comes walking up to me in the kitchen! So I didn't get the initial reaction, but I did get to go into the living room again with him so we could take a closer look...and at least my dream didn't come true! We let him open his stocking stuffers and then we ate breakfast. The cinnamon rolls were amazing, and we also enjoyed bacon and eggs. Here's a picture of the delicious cinnamon rolls! (Please disregard the burnt bacon in the back.)

Hunter had such a fun time opening all his gifts. Christmas morning is SO fun as a parent but in a whole different way. I loved being able to shower him with gifts, and being the firstborn, he really does need new toys every so often since he grows out of the old ones. After gift opening was finished, I went in his toy box and closet to pack up some old toys that he hardly plays with anymore to make room for the new ones. When my pregnant eyes saw the bottom of the toy box with tons of little random pieces that had collected down there, my nesting bug did not like it! I ended up taking everything out, and cleaning the toy box. Greg and I organized everything again, and packed a lot up. I was worried where we were going to stick all his new toys but we definitely found the room, much to Hunter's dismay.

We webcammed with Greg's family in the afternoon and they got to see Hunter open the gifts from them. He got an adorable set of fire truck pj's and a robe, both handmade by Nana. He absolutely loves the robe and didn't even want to take it off to go to bed! Here he is in front of the tree sporting his new clothes.

For dinner, we had Honey Baked Ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and Pioneer Woman's homemade Parker House Rolls.

After dinner, daddy and Hunter were playing with some of his new toys, and I got a cute video of it. :)

We ended the night with the three of us playing Candy Land, and enjoying cupcakes.

It was a wonderful, intimate Christmas for the three of us. How was everyone else's Christmas?

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